When customers run low, they bail and spend less. We have the data.

Unlike other charging solutions, Joos is free and a business net-gain. Access unique advertising opportunities and a motivated in-app community. Joos up now.

Why choose Joos?


1. Enhance Experience

Joos allows customers to stay connected from the comfort of their seats, no more hanging around by a plug in the wall & no more phones behind your bar/counter!

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2. Increase Sales

Joos is proven to increase your sales, customers stay longer when they don’t have to rush home to charge… plus with mobile payments on the rise, we ensure you don’t miss out!

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3. It’s free!

Joos is completely free for your business. We’re a fully managed service, meaning setup, maintenance and constant support is all on us!

“Joos is part of the excellent customer experience that I want all my customers to receive at our venue. I cannot imagine my customers not being able to charge their phones while dining at our restaurant.”
Alexandra, Restaurant Manager
“We did not want the customers to charge their phones behind the tills as it puts additional pressure on the staff, especially during the busy hours, and raises safety concerns in the light of COVID-19. Once we’ve started having Joos at our venue, the speed of service has significantly improved. We also like the idea of being part of the network of pubs that have Joos in place.”
Vlad, Assistant Manager
“Before joining JOOS, we had difficulty with guests regularly wanting us to charge their smartphones to the point we ended up providing our guests with portable battery packs at the table, which more often than not, guests forgot to return. JOOS gave us peace of mind, thereby allowing us to focus more on the restaurant service.”
Nolan, Jazz Club Manager
“The chargers have been really well received at Cabot and offer our customers a unique opportunity to charge whilst they shop – they can even pick a charger up at one end of the centre and off again at another, it’s just so convenient!”
Cabot Circus Bristol, Customer Services Team

A solution for venues of every size…

Mini Mini+ Mini2 Max

All Joos, no squeeze

a completely free, fully managed service

Additive free

Free set-up and 24/7 support. Free maintenance includes replacements for lost or stolen units

Fully loaded

Get ready for free marketing materials and hands-on help from the Joos Venues Team

No spillage

Joos maintain public liability insurance for all our locations: AKA you don’t need to worry


Protective Slots

All of our Joos boxes have protective slots to keep the power banks from bacteria, damage & dirt whilst they recharge –minimising the impact of any airborne viruses or germs.

Quarantined Power Banks

We’ve introduced a state-of-the-art quarantine system that mitigates the risk of customer contraction of Covid-19.

It only allows our power banks to be released once the period of time which the virus lasts on our plastic has elapsed –meaning you don’t need to worry about using a product recently touched by another customer.

Case Studies

Case Study: Joos at Bristol Airport
Joos at Salford Royal Hospital 
Joos at Café Society
Joos at Cabot Circus, Bristol