Case Study: Joos at Toulouse Lautrec

“Before joining JOOS we had difficulty with guests regularly wanting us to charge their smartphones to the point we ended up providing our guests with portable battery packs at the table, which more often than not, guests forget to return.  JOOS gave us peace of mind thereby allowing us to focus more on the restaurant service.” 
– Nolan Régent, Jazz Club manager 

The award-winning Toulouse Lautrec is a unique 2-floor restaurant, piano bar and jazz club located on a busy corner in the heart of Kennington. The art deco-inspired venue, with an eye-catching 1920’s Paris inspired interior, offers a classic French cuisine and live music every night. It’s one of London’s top spots for jazz and soulful grooves. 

Since opening over 10 years ago, brothers and owners Florent & Nolan, have been continuously implementing innovative ways to improve their customer’s experience at the venue. 

Nolan had expressed that the venue started having trouble with customers repeatedly asking to charge their phones behind the bar, presenting an extra security risk for their staff, in an already busy venue. At first, the owners came up with a temporary solution to provide portable battery packs at each table. However, this solution proved to be costly and impractical, guests often forgot to return them. Joos presented a perfect solution to this problem, bringing the venue several benefits including:  

  • Improved speed of service 
  • Increased dwell time 
  • Improved customer experience  
  • No more security concerns 
  • Free advertising opportunities 

The Joos team also provided the venue with a range of marketing materials to inform customers of the safe new charging solution available to them. 


“We absolutely love the new design”, said Nolan. “It looks neat and the dark design fits in perfectly with the jazz bar’s dim lightning and cosy surroundings 

The restaurant owners also welcomed the opportunity to advertise events and promotions on the Joos Box’s screen, completely for free. The popular venue hosts over 600 events per year, including cabaret & musical theatre open mic, workshop, big bands, and many more!