Blog Post #9:

Joos launches at Bristol Airport

Joos takes off at Bristol Airport, providing passengers with power ahead of their flight 

Joos, we have lift-off. Bristol Airport has become the second UK airport to install Joos, our power bank rental service which allows passengers to charge before they fly! Thanks to Joos, there’s no longer a need to crowd around a power point or leave devices in a ‘charging locker’. Passengers can now charge on the move while shopping at duty-free and enjoying themselves.  

Our convenient & seamless digital customer experience allows for maximum passenger enjoyment with very little friction. To use Joos, you simply download the Joos app, scan the QR code on the Joos Box and take your power bank. You can then charge your phone and return the Joos power bank at the next Joos station before your flight. Or take it with you – Joos chargers are flight-safe and are the perfect travel companion (you can recharge it at home!).   

As international travel starts again, phones are more important than ever. Passengers now use their phones for vaccine passports, the NHS app to show COVID-19 test results as well as for ticketing, payments and entertainment. Having a charged phone is key to enjoying the Airport’s amenities while staying safe & connected throughout your trip. 

Our Joos power banks include cables for every phone, so there is no need to worry if you’ve forgotten your cable at home or buried it in your luggage. In fact, our cables are even able to power other devices – cameras, headphones, portable gaming consoles and more!  

Joos is Europe’s only Apple-approved and MFi (Made for iPhone) power bank, meaning it ensures zero damage to your phone – no overheating, no juice-jacking, no battery-life damage. You can stay charged, connected and calm ahead of your flight.   

Andrew Morris, the Retail Manager at Bristol Airport, said, “We are delighted to work with Joos to provide a mobile and flexible solution to charge electric items for our customers.  We have used phone charging units previously but nothing like the Joos system which allows customers freedom whilst at the Airport.”  

Josh Baah, Co-Founder and COO of Joos, said, “We are thrilled to launch at Bristol Airport and continue giving the travel sector the boost it needs. Passengers no longer need to worry about their phone battery when travelling. Joos is there to support people during their trips and enhance their airport experience at every level.”   

Be it at Bristol Airport’s check-in, the departures lounge, or at the gates, Joos power banks are now available to help passengers charge their phones at every step of the way.  

The real question is where will Joos land next?  

27 August 2021