Joos up on the move

Low charge stops us meeting, hustling, travelling, working, shopping, loving, moving, dancing, living, gyming.

No more.

How to Joos

1. Scan it

At your nearest Joos Box

2. Grab it

Take a Power Bank

3. Charge it

On the move

4. Drop it

At any Joos Box


Why Joos

Safe and secure

No damage, no hacking, we’re Apple-approved

Virus savvy

Protective slots and state-of-the-art anti-virus locks

All flavours

Joos for every phone on the market … we think

Help us help

1% of Joos revenues go to charities helping people in poverty

Download the App

We’re Apple approved

Customers say we’re awesome

Safe mobile charging and exclusive deals near you

Got a question?

Is Joos safe to use during Covid?

Stations have protective slots shielding Power Banks from airborne bacteria and germs. Click below for more of our Covid-19 safety measures.

Do you track me when I use Joos?

No. Our power banks don’t and will never have tracking capabilities. We use charging cables not data cables. Never data cables. 

How much does mobile charge cost?

£1 an hour. But you won’t be charged more than £5 per day and if you keep that up for 6 days, well … you can just keep the charger. Seems you need it.