Charge on the go. Questions?

Is Joos safe to use during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Joos make the sharing process as safe as possible. Our Stations have protective slots to shield Power Banks from airborne bacteria and germs.

Every time a charger is returned after use, it’s locked in place and unavailable until enough time has passed that the Covid-19 viral agent has broken down.

More than that, we’ve increased maintenance and cleaning of our products at all venues. And you’ll find free sanitiser at every Station so you can clean up before and after you Joos up.

Is Joos MFI approved? (What does MFI mean?)

Yes, we have MFi approval, which means our hardware is Apple-approved. We’re the only rental charging in the UK that is. We’re also compliant with all UK regulations and safety procedures.

Do you track me while I use Joos Power Banks?

No. Our Power Banks don’t and will never have tracking capabilities. We use charging cables not data cables. Never data cables. 

How much does it cost to rent Joos Power Banks?

Joos costs between £1 and £2 per hour, depending on the location you rent from. Full pricing details for each location can be found on the Joos Box screens and in the Joos App.

Can I charge multiple phones at once with Joos?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Charging multiple devices drains Power Banks at a faster rate than charging one device.

Help! I’ve lost my power bank.

Strictly speaking that’s not a question, but if you’ve lost a Joos Power Bank please call and let us know on 0800 0291 699.

Are Joos Power Banks waterproof?

Electrical parts? No, no they’re not.

If your Power Bank comes into contact with water, please contact our customer service team immediately on 0800 0291 699.