Case Study: Joos at Bristol Airport

Joos has taken off at Bristol Airport, keeping passengers charged and connected before they fly

When we first spoke to Liverpool Airport, they flagged the following issues: 

  • The increased demand on passengers to access their smartphones as part of the check-in & boarding process, such as presenting vaccine passports & mobile boarding passes, has increased the need for accessible phone charging 
  • Crowding – people crowding around charging points are at risk of spreading COVID  
  • Immobile passengers – instead of enjoying duty-free shopping, passengers were stuck near power points, worsening COVID-19 transmission and posing serious hazards 

Having spoken to our team, Bristol Airport agreed that Joos was the solution they were looking for. They said the main reasons for installing Joos were: 

  • Joos is fully automated, self-service and cashless with support for Apple Pay, Google Pay and debit/credit cards​ – meaning staff don’t have to do a thing 
  • Customers remain safe thanks to Joos’ medical grade antimicrobial plastics and chargers which quarantine themselves between use 
  • It’s completely free for them, including installation, maintenance, and direct-to-customer Live Chat 
  • Joos’ portable power banks charge on the move, freeing customers to shop at duty-free! 


Joos is located at check-in, departures and near the gates. This allows passengers to pick up Joos when they arrive, charge throughout the airport and then return ahead of their flight. 

After six months at Bristol, it’s clear that Joos is bringing a wealth of benefits to the airport and it’s passengers. Some key results include: 

  • On average 1-in-1,000 departing passengers rent a Joos charger for 57 minutes 
  • There is a 65% demand for Joos airside, compared with a 35% demand landside 
  • 1-in-5 landside users carry their power bank through to airside, highlighting the Customer Experience value of Joos’ charge-on-the-move solution 
  • Passengers score Joos 4.3 out of 5 in customer satisfaction 


Andrew Morris, Retail Manager at Bristol Airport said “We are delighted to work with Joos to provide a mobile and flexible solution to charge electric items for our customers.We have used phone charging units previously but nothing like the Joos system which allows customers freedom whilst at the Airport.”